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Remedial Massage restores free movement, eases pain from stiff muscles and improves posture. A variety of massage techniques are used to manipulate muscles and soft tissue to break up fibrous tissue, eliminate muscle spasm and loosen stiff joints.

Remedial Massage is also a great way to maintain a healthy body and can be enjoyed at any time.

Clinical Massage sessions target a specific complaint and quickly eliminate or reduce symptoms by treating only the problematic areas.

Your medical history and a range of muscle tests help us find the exact areas requiring treatment.

Pain Management sessions can help reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms caused by osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, spinal degeneration and other difficult to cure medical conditions.

Also, our personalised pain management treatment plan will provide a non-invasive alternative to surgery or drug treatments.

Sports Massage plays an important role in the life of an athlete, whether you’re a professional competitor, social player or gym enthusiast wanting to reach your full potential.

Welcome to Align Sports Therapy

I am a fully qualified sports injury specialist (click for qualifications) providing expert treatment and sports specific rehabilitation. If you are injured or have aches and pains, I can provide a complete service that will help you to regain movement, reduce pain and enable you to return to work and/or your sport.

Causes of pain can be directly related to sport but can also be from poor postural alignment, bad techniques or the wrong equipment to name but a few.

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Specialist Sports Massages Available

Massage is tailored to your individual needs



60 MINUTE massage

targeting muscles used in running
Hamstrings | Calves | Quads
Gluteals | IT Band | Feet


60 MINUTE massage

targeting muscles used in high intensity sports
Hamstrings | Calves | Quads
Gluteals | Lower Back | Shoulders


60 MINUTE massage

targeting muscles used in golf
Shoulders | Lower Back | Forearms


60 MINUTE massage

ideal for 4 – 14 yr olds
All sports injuries
Especially for Growing Pains