Pricing and Testimonials

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Half Body Sports Massage

  • 45 minutes

Sports Therapy Treatment

  • 45 minutes

Full Body Sports Massage

  • 60 minutes

Clients Who Have Benefited From Align Sports Therapy 

I’ve tried lots of different treatments during my sporting career, from Osteopath to Physiotherapy, Swedish, Tai and Holistic massage, but it was only short term pain relief. Vicky from Align Sports Therapy has helped me to overcome my back, shoulder and neck pain and in addition has offered valuable advice and guidance to prevent a recurrence of the problem. Furthermore I had a trapped nerve 10 years ago, which left a part of my calf numb. After several intense treatments the sensation in my calf is back.I am really pleased how things worked out and I highly recommend Vicky’s sports therapy treatment.

Vera Fenlon, Widnes

I initially went to Vicky as a sports therapist just for a massage. However, over a course of 3-4 treatments she addressed several on-going problems I have had for some time with my shoulder, hip, knees and back. As a chartered physiotherapist I was very impressed with her analytical skills and developed a better understanding of what a sports therapist can do. As a neuro-physio I have on occasion recommended trying a sports therapist to some of my patients based on this experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Eloise Watson, Warrington

Vicky from Align Sports Therapy puts you at ease immediately you enter the consulting room, with her friendly professional manner, great attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of the human anatomy Vicky quickly assess your postural requirements and then clearly explains what steps can be taken to correct any problems. You remain in control of the level and depth of the massage throughout. I walk away with a spring in my step and greater movement in my hips and legs and always enjoy a great night’s sleep following a session.

Christine Houlton, Warrington
Vicky has been a great help to me in the last couple of months, ensuring I am relieved of any pain I suffered from in the many years of playing a sport at a high level. The thorough treatment and follow up exercises I received quickly progressed me to a stage where I could intensely practice. After only a few weeks, I noticed significant differences in how past injuries were no longer inhibiting my practice time. By continuing to regularly go to Align Sports Therapy, I found I was capable to push my body to meet the physical standards I needed for my sport. Although my injuries were no longer a problem, the massages and exercises enhanced injury prevention, enabling me to sustain a consistent level of practice.
Beth Taylor, Rainhill

I had been suffering from a niggling shoulder injury for approximately 3 years when I came to see Vicky for the first time and, bearing in mind the length of time I was suffering with the injury, was sceptical about the effectiveness of any non-surgical treatment. I can honestly say that within a few sessions my shoulder is now 100% fine with no hint of the previous problem. Amazing. Her professional approach and personable manner puts you at ease immediately. No hesitation in recommending.

Graham Jack, Warrington

Earlier this year I self-referred and attended four consultations with Vicky due to intermittent lower back pain. Often my discomfort was triggered through standing for long periods during my work activities and sometimes due to physical exercise. I am very grateful to Vicky for her professional and skillful approach in treating the pain and encouraging restoration of normal muscular movement.

Julie Smith, St. Helens
After a small slip down the stairs landing on my lower back, a friend recommended visiting Vicky. After talking through historical problems and discussing the pain and discomfort, she explained it might take a few sessions to see results. During the first, and subsequent sessions, she really worked deep into the muscles and although I felt slightly bruised the next day the results were amazing. Along with gentle gym work to strength the muscles I was back to being pain free again. Vicky then started to work on a post pregancy muscle strain that both physios and chiropractors hadn’t been able to resolve. Within a couple of session I was amazed to see results and it was a major relief after two years of on and off irritation to know someone had finally uncovered some of the route problems. I can’t recommend Vicky enough, she really listens to issues and is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. Her full body massages are also amazing, muscles felt fully rejuvenated afterwards.
Emma Cook, Warrington
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the advice and support that Vicky has given to me. I have had a few treatments regarding a knee injury I have had for years and after the sessions and advice from Vicky I have been able to start going to the gym again. Thank you so much. Can’t recommend you highly enough.
Lesley Baker, Warrington